"One more positive review for Kerala Lines by Prashant Mohan. Found on Facebook !

Kerala lines(Travel centre)- new service seems to be a blessing to Kerala PAX.

I was a frequent traveler to kerala by private multiaxles till last June. By the time , I realized private operators were a kind of mafias who used to jack up fares during the weekends, their undisciplined driving, non-punctual trips all made me to pull away from them and my travel happened mostly in trains and kesrtc buses after that till last Friday when I realized a new operator which impressed me a lot .
Let me describe my trip in short to pathanamthitta which happened last Friday. As usual I reached madiwala and was waiting for the bus after my dinner(I came to know from colleagues that It was a non-stop service). By around 20 50 the bus arrived at the parking slot just before Travel centre, madiwala. I was issued my boarding pass(Seat no C3) . At first sight, the look of the bus seemed to be highly professional with a solid white in colour with perfect stickering. Boarded the bus, the interiors were clean and perfectly maintained. In another 10 minutes a staff member came and issued a bottle of mineral water and it was around 21 15 by then. Finally all the pax got into the bus and it was around 21 26 the bus started madiwala. I was a little worried initially about the late departure and when I checked with the office , they said me one of the passenger’s father expired and they were waiting for that girl to arrive . I appreciate their kindness and support extended in terms of showing some courtesy to a passenger who is in a bad condition. Fair enough. The bus took st-johns’ jn signal and reached silkboard flyover. By now a film was played and I was having a glimpse outside the window enjoying the traffic. The bus took the flyover and by now the driver was in full flow. Trust me , I never felt any vibrations nor kind of rash maneuver from the drivers but the bus was fast enough. In no time we reached EC , by this time we had Sk’s merc along with us. The bus moved forward after the toll and we were struck in the traffic near to attibelle- Thanks to the driver he took a shortcut which avoided us waiting in the long traffic queque. We reached Hosur by around 22 40 due to the immense traffic on Friday. By this time, almost 60% of the bus slept except a very few who were watching the movie. I too dozed off and all the lights including the night lamps were switched off which made me sleep well throughout the night. The driving was very smooth and I never felt a single jerk. There was no honkings, no sudden brakings etc. Thanks to the owner for hiring such a good driver. By around 02 30 , the bus stopped near to cbe byepass for a bio break- until then I was deep asleep. I never came to know when the bus entered kerala because there were no vibrations at all. This is the first i-shift bus to pathanamthitta. By around 05 am we reached tsr and 06 15 at vytilla. This is pretty impressive timings for a bus which started at 21 30 and especially on Friday. I was delighted by this and made my mind to frequently by this bus henceforth. We reached kottayam at 07 15, kumbanad at 08 20 and finally pathanamthitta at 08 50 am. If the driver would have started at 2100 definitely it would have reached at 08 am at the last destination.
Definitely this new service seems to be a blessing to pathanamthitta pax especially when the other operators are purely concerned about hiking the fares, concentrating the timings only upto trichur, late arrivals etc. I hope my short review would have helped other pax also who are in the same boat like me.
I would definitely recommend this service to my colleagues. Even the fare is reasonable."

Prashant Mohan, about 4 years ago

"My friend was using this service(Kerala Lines-Bangalore-Pathanamthitta) for consecutively last 3 Fridays from Bangalore.

He is really happy with the service.

All the 3 times, he was dropped at Thrissur around 4:45-5AM

Few positives he highligted- Cleanliness, Sedate driving, Water bottle, New movie collection, passenger friendly crew!

Tomorrow also he is travelling in the same bus!"

Arun Jimmy, about 4 years ago

"Thiruvalla - Bangalore: Kerala Lines iShift B9R

Tried out the relatively newly launched Kerala Lines iShift B9R operated by Travel Center yesterday (November 11). Since it was a Monday, seats was in plenty with all travels. I wanted to try out Kerala Lines for 2 reasons -- I've never experienced an iShift journey before, and the bus was very new. Fare was also comparatively low at Rs. 1000. For a 4.45 Pm departure from Thiruvalla, it came in at around 5 PM, obviously delayed coz of the weekday traffic on the narrow roads. I was the only one to board from Thiruvalla. I was impressed with the bus. The paint was a simple white with Kerala Lines and iShift Automatic stickers on both sides. Interiors were pleasant smelling and full length blankets were kept folded on the seats. All seats had seat belts too. Once we started, the attendant boy came over and gave me a 500ml packaged water bottle. We were doing good speeds, and I was impressed with my first iShift ride. I felt the engine noise to be much smoother and subtle unlike the very noisy and grunty tone of the Kallada G4 that I took 2-3 weeks ago. Acceleration was also pretty neat. The driving was never rash and there were no risky moves or wild left and right swings. Other than the single driver and attender, a Travel Center guy was also there in the bus. We were asked to fill in our names and details on a travel manifest. Filled in 50 liters of fuel from Moovattupuzha and a further 20K worth from Thrissur later on. It was nearly 12 AM by the time we got out of Palakkad town. We had 2 ppl getting in from Palakkad town as well. The final headcount was about 25 pax. I had a sound sleep, as the driving was sleep friendly. But we were fast indeed, coz I got dropped off @ Silk Board today morning at 5:50 AM. Was awake from Krishnagiri toll onwards. No significant overtakes to mention. Overall a very nice trip and I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Sunupvk, about 4 years ago